Seitokai Yakuindomo Ep 09

“Ousai Academy Student Council rule number 9,”
“Never forget to carry around condoms!”
“I saw that one coming!”
That’s right. To my all male brethren out there, you should always have a condom handy for those emergency situations. HaHa!
No stopping the laughs this week as the show is simply just as absurd as any other week. It’s the first time that the show suddenly has a recap for its intro which basically points everything that was wrong in last weeks episode. It was one of those stupid-excuse-for-a-recap, recap, which was redundant and uninformative. Not forgetting the very GAR narrator who poured every inch of his manliness into the recap. Kind of explains the sudden appearance of George. Wait, Who the hell is George???

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Amagami SS Ep 09

By the time I write this up, hordes of viewers may have been sucked into the spinning vortex that is Miya’s laugh/giggle. Go ahead and replay it a few times and I can bet some of you will never get enough it. The only thing I don’t get is that since its and expression of sorts, how come subbers feel the need to translate it into words. Nevermind. Its anime after all. Some things are best left unanswered. One of the golden rules of anime is to accept what you see sometimes explicitly and to not question it.

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Feelin under the weather..

I had a bad weekend. Period. Was suppose to put down the write ups for Amagami SS and Setokai Yakuindomo yesterday but I didn’t even touched the computer.
So I ended up mopping around and going through pages of Anime Motivational Posters.
Now I feel slightly motivated.
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Day 20, Hey what happened to day 19???

It’s true. I’ve been feeling very horrible these past few days. It’s because of that day. It’s made me miserable. Day 19 was non-existent for me. Didn’t had the mood nor will to write something up. I’m doing this for myself so time to pick myself up.
Since I can’t recall Day 19, lets just put it down as a space-time anomaly.
Day 20, and I’m starting to weave back into lean fibre, fruits and vegetables. All I need now is to find a good protein replacement and I’m good to go.
So far I’ve been chronicling the food that I’ve been consuming as a form of record keeping of sorts. For these last 10 days, there might be none of this since what I eat has been pretty constant. No surprise there. So lets see what surprises are in store for iftar later.
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Day 18, oh brother..

My body hurts and I’m hungry. This sucks.
I’m tired. My muscles aches.
It’s a Saturday by the way.
Sahur was yesterday’s leftovers. Tepung goreng, chicken curry and some fried vegetables. Protein intake is a worry for me now. As my workout intensity increases, I feel its necessary to eat. Right now I’m not eating enough. The body might not be able to sustain this for long. On a happier note, Ramadhan is coming to an end soon and Aidilfitri is round the corner. I can go back to my normal diet soon and tha’s a plus point. God, I need food right now.
I have no idea what’s in store for iftar later. I would like to eat some nasi lemak though.
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Strike Witches 2 Ep 08

You know it’s gonna be a bad day when your magic feels wonky and things are not going your way. Worst thing is, you have no idea what’s wrong with yourself. Your performance deteriorates and you bring your team down. That’s just miserable. Poor Miyafuji-chan. It’s good to know that there are people around you who care and will always be there to lend a helping hand.
The episode was alright for me. It introduced a couple of interesting new facts and new equipment into the fold. So far the series is still circling around the members of the 501st Joint Figther Wing. No new concrete info on the strain of Neuroi invading the world nor a full-blown assault is being planned thus far.
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K-ON! S2 Ep 21

It’s an episode about hair! Fricking Hair! Moe, moe hair!
Since K-ON is in its home stretch, I’m gonna do a small write-up about it because it’s a really fun anime that has brought moe to epic proportions. Not forgetting giving us lots of love and happiness, putting a smile on many people’s faces. The show isn’t that difficult to love and relate to, especially me since I was a musician for three years and loved playing in a band back in my secondary school days.

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Day 17, The destination I’mma reachin..

I have no idea whats wrong with my body. But if its screaming out for food then, the I definitely having a calorie crisis. Since the body needs the energy, the body must feed.
I ate rice for the second day running today and damn, I feel satiated. Must look for advise on how to do proper recovery. That’s redundant now cause it’s Ramadhan and you don’t actually eat during the day. Ramadhan is a special case so I wonder how my body would react on a normal day. Six small meals a day does begin to make sense now.
So I had Rice with ayam lemak chilli padi, cabbagges and some daging masak rempah. and not forgetting my yoghurt and grains.
Today’s iftar is a big question-mark cause I’m not sure if I’m having it outside or at home.
According to the schedule, today is back and biceps. Can’t wait for that. Hopefully I have enough time to do it regardless of me going out or not.
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Day 16, and I’m still not getting thin..

Today’s a forgettable day. I don’t remember what I had for sahur. Ok, let me see..
Oh yah, now I remember, I had bloody rice for sahur. After 16 days, its bloody rice. I must really be hungry then.
Daging masak rempah.
Lots of vegetables.
Yoghurt surprise.
Remember to eat in moderation folks and stay away from fatty dishes and sweet treats. Do your body a favour and give it a thorough detox.
On today’s schedule was cardio, so I ran my standard route. I’m beginning to feel it. The core strengthening thing which a lot of trainers emphasize about. As long as I don’t stop, I’m going to soldier on and make fitness into a new lifelong target.
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Sekirei Pure Engagement Ep 08

Here’s another series that I thought I wouldn’t do a write-up on. But if I was gonna do it, it was going to be short with more visuals. Perhaps because Sekirei is already in its second season so explaining it from scratch will be tedious and tiring. Anyways, I’ll be doing a short one nonetheless. Prepare yourself, for fighting chicks with big boobs(most of them do) that are Sekirei.
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