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Its beginning.. AGAIN!!??

Lets see, September, October, November, December , January and now February!!?? I’ve been out of comission this long!!?? Anime Seasons have folded in twice. Its 2011 already for Pete’s sake. I’m making a comeback and I’m definitely not taking on … Continue reading

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I think trying to comprehensively blog eight Animes is overkill for an individual such as myself. With other real life stuff going on, and trying to keep up with my work out schedule, I find it almost impossible to do … Continue reading

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Sekirei Pure Engagement Ep 09

mud wrestling sure does beat the hell out of drawing straws.. At then end of the episode, you would’ve already figured out that the series will definitely deviate from the manga as the confrontation between Uzume and Minato’s Sekirei becomes … Continue reading

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High School of The Dead Ep 09

What you see above is definitely the talking point of this week’s episode. I was pretty stumped when I watched the episode because deep in my head, I know that this scene does not come after Takagi’s mum rescues the … Continue reading

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Mitsudomoe Ep 09

So the picture above basically sums up the entire episode. I’m definitely tempted to throw in some perverted adult humor but I find myself unable to cause their kids for goodness sake. It’s so wrong. But so is Anime these … Continue reading

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Seitokai Yakuindomo Ep 09

“Ousai Academy Student Council rule number 9,” “Never forget to carry around condoms!” “I saw that one coming!” That’s right. To my all male brethren out there, you should always have a condom handy for those emergency situations. HaHa! No … Continue reading

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Amagami SS Ep 09

By the time I write this up, hordes of viewers may have been sucked into the spinning vortex that is Miya’s laugh/giggle. Go ahead and replay it a few times and I can bet some of you will never get … Continue reading

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Feelin under the weather..

I had a bad weekend. Period. Was suppose to put down the write ups for Amagami SS and Setokai Yakuindomo yesterday but I didn’t even touched the computer. So I ended up mopping around and going through pages of Anime … Continue reading

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Strike Witches 2 Ep 08

You know it’s gonna be a bad day when your magic feels wonky and things are not going your way. Worst thing is, you have no idea what’s wrong with yourself. Your performance deteriorates and you bring your team down. … Continue reading

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K-ON! S2 Ep 21

It’s an episode about hair! Fricking Hair! Moe, moe hair! Since K-ON is in its home stretch, I’m gonna do a small write-up about it because it’s a really fun anime that has brought moe to epic proportions. Not forgetting … Continue reading

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