Sekirei Pure Engagement Ep 09

mud wrestling sure does beat the hell out of drawing straws..
At then end of the episode, you would’ve already figured out that the series will definitely deviate from the manga as the confrontation between Uzume and Minato’s Sekirei becomes inevitable. But that’s just part of this week’s story as it also featured one of the many Ashikabi’s who are struggling with the new ruling imposed by MBI CEO-san. Everyone is this world is different, and that goes the same for Ashikabis.

Adding Yukari into the fold was a breath of fresh air. I always wanted to see more of her in the show, cause she’s totally a hell raiser. After this episode, we also find out that she’s a masochist, likes dressing people up in cute girls clothes, and she’s a hentai. Which totally differs from Minato’s personality.
The unknown Ashikabi in this weeks episode was basically a bastard. If your mother taught you well, then you should know better than to hit a girl. They get into a fracas with Shiina and Yukari thinking that it’ll be walkover victory. Shiina and Yukari have a reputation of sorts and its obvious the guy didn’t do his home work before starting to target random Sekireis just to collect a few victories under his notch.
Even after using Norito the lesser known Ashikabi-Sekirei pair was unable to defeat Shiina as her powers were unmatched for them. If you read Bleach, you might see some similarities¬† between Shiina’s powers and the King of Hueco Mundo himself, Barragan. But the similarities end there though.
The battle also attracted an unlikely spectator in the form of Tsukiumi, who was out searching for Minato and Ku-chan.
masochist Yukari.. your worst nightmare..
hentai Yukari.. avoid at all cost..
If anyone out there has an Imouto who fits the above description. I will personally help you leave the country and provide you with a new identity. Haha, like I would. For now, I can’t wait for Yukari and Minato to reunite and both finding out that they’re Ashikabis. What’s even more surprising will be the look on Yukari’s face when she discovers the harem that her brother has assembled. She’s gonna bleed buckets from her nose and I can imagine her requesting to bath with the girls on a permanent basis.
one step closer to the truth..
the moment of truth..
With where the episode was going, it was only a matter of time until the big confrontation between Musubi, Tsukiumi and Uzume. Musbi and Tsukiumi will finally discover the true identity of the Veiled Sekirei. Minato also finally meets Uzume’s Ashikabi. Not only that, he also spots a familiar face in the hospital. Now lets see if Minato is smart enough to put two and two together. Next week will see the continuation of this weeks confrontation.
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