Mitsudomoe Ep 09

So the picture above basically sums up the entire episode. I’m definitely tempted to throw in some perverted adult humor but I find myself unable to cause their kids for goodness sake. It’s so wrong. But so is Anime these days, so no one’s gonna judge you for it. But still.. Fine I’ll refrain.

guess what’s new?

These week you get a new segment, which is Yabecchi’s Room. What supposed to be a short talk-show like segment turned into a Yabecchi bashing and trashing for the eldest, Mitsuba. I wonder what was more amusing. The fact that the eldest can really pack in the snacks or that Yabeechi has no pride whatsoever, letting a child walk all over him and insulting him for good measure.

Gachi Rangers Guidebook! in full colour!

So you thought Hitoha was reading porn or some other perverted or ecchi publication this week. Wrong. She’s still obsessed with Gachi Rangers. Looks like she bought a Gachi Rangers Guidebook. Hitoha in full-on otaku mode, check! She loves them and wants to share her passion with fellow Gachi Rangers fans but her personality prevents her from doing so.
Anyways,this weeks greatest misunderstanding gag goes to Chiba and that perverted mind of his. He thinks that he got Hitoha all figured out but he’s so wrong and its gonna cause him to do something that’s outrageously stupid. Lets just put it in plain stupid. Hitoha thinks that they’re talking about Gachi Rangers while Chiba thinks they’re talking about porn.

does anyone notice that the print on Chiba’s shirt reads erection??

you definitely don’t want to be on the end of that..

Things get hilarious as they both trade views and converse even though both aren’t on the same wavelength. Enter Yabecchi, who becomes and unsuspecting target of Chiba’s super move and is left exposing himself to Hitoha. Cue ‘the-life-is-being-sucked-out-of-me’ expression.
Like Setokai Yakuindomo, misunderstandings and misinterpretations are comedy gold, and if played correctly, can make seemingly unattractive shows, hilarious and note-worthy.

The time frame of this weeks episode is set somewhere between  Christmas and the New Year. So obviously you’ll get some Christmas joy and some family love thrown in somewhere. Futaba, being the kid that she is, is hoping for some presents from Santa Clause who I guess is usually played by her father. This time however, her father is nursing a fever so who comes to the rescue?  Hitoha of course, who is joined later by Mitsuba. They may not see eye to eye but at the end of the day, theyre family and family means nobody gets left behind.  Be sure to laugh out loud when Hitoha finally whips Futaba’s present which is a pair of boobie pillows, which she enjoys straight of the bat by caressing and squeezing those buggers. Aww, isn’t that sweet.

You get more of Mitsuba and her pantsu next. As she proclaims to have a complete set of Chinese Zodiac pantsu. Really I don’t get it. Maybe there was a need to insert a pantsu gag somewhere in the episode. Along the way, Satou and Chiba get involve as well as, if you believe it, the pantsu is gone with the wind. The best line of this part was when Chiba said the most obvious thing in the world. Mitsuba’s pantsu collection can be mistaken for a fetish but I guess everyone is weird in their own way. Even if she does likes wearing kids pantsu and the fact that almost the whole class has seen her pantsu.

A surprise addition to the series was a dialogue-less part about Futaba wanting to experience an onsen and the lengths that she would go to get it. With a little help from Mitsuba, all seems well that is untill the barrel they picked up had a hole at the bottom as well. In the end Dad was there to cheer Futaba up with a nice hot bath with rubber duckee-kun. Yet another aw moment. Mitsuba wasn’t amazed though.
I wouldn’t want to talk about the last part. Cause its just cruel to use your sister as deadwood to kick around even if she was a masochist.
Instead I leave you with todays parting shot. Futaba ‘skating’ on ice with The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss playing in the background during the credits. What a relaxing end..

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