High School of The Dead Ep 09

What you see above is definitely the talking point of this week’s episode.
I was pretty stumped when I watched the episode because deep in my head, I know that this scene does not come after Takagi’s mum rescues the gang. It’s not made up either cause it definitely does happen later in the series, but not now. Now I want 24 mins of my life back. I’m mad because I felt that this episode was totally unnecessary at this point of time. Maybe the producers wanted to show the viewers a potential love connection or love triangle or love square or love hexagon. Or maybe some individual character fan-service? God, I have no idea what I’m talking about. It definitely would have been better if they just followed the manga.

yes.. he does..

Heres a little insider info for you folks out there. Komuro is a hentai who likes getting girls wet. Apparently no one has realised this until he purposefully gets Saeko wet not once but more than thrice in this episode.  He’s also going for the harem ending in this anime so girls, you better watch out! Moral of the story is, if you wanna impress a girl, make them wet. End of discussion.

Takagi went from this..

to this..

Looks like little-miss tsundere doesn’t look happy with this episode either. How she went from happy camper to sore loser in a matter of seconds, the look on her face is priceless. At the end we saw Komuro and Saeko entering the estate premises through the back door, arms wrapped around each other. Maybe Takagi caught the scent of the unseen. Something like Komuro’s hands wandering shamelessly, cupping Saeko’s boobs or something, I dunno. It was out of frame! What’s important is that they are safe for now and the gang is reunited again.

So enough bashing already. Let’s talk a little bit about this weeks episode. Kumoru and Saeko are on the run, trying to find a way to Takagi’s house. Along the way they find that most of the routes to Takagi’s house are blocked by the zombie horde. Kumoru wished he still had his bike and suddenly gets a flash of inspiration. So they backtrack to the bike shop to hook themselves up with some wheels, which resulted in them hijacking an amphibious buggy which Kumoru uses to attract the zombies to the river. He then drives the vehicle into the water causing giant waves to splash onto Saeko, causing her to get wet. Cue wet uniform boob shoot.
They travel up to a sandbar where Saeko gets a change of clothes and Kumuro can’t get his eyes off Saeko’s boobs, regardless of it being wet or not. Sighz. Lucky guy.
Their journey takes them to a fountain and Kumoru gets an ingenious idea. He lets the vehicle run in circles to attract the zombies. I guess the plan was to attract the zombies to make it easier for them to take them out and as a result clear a path to resume their journey. What unexpectedly happened was that Saeko became weak in the knees at the sight of zombie children. Komuro proceeds to the blast the head off a kid and takes her in his hands and speeds of to safety.

They find sanctuary in an abandoned shrine. Saeko confesses her feelings about her true self to Komuro. Komuro doesnt even flinch cause he totally digs Saeko and.. fade out. So did they do it or didn’t they? It definitely implies the former. Read the manga. The answers are much more clearer there.

Daybreaks and for our duo, its make or break time. Something about Komuro’s spider sense tells me he’s pretty smart after all, sensing the sound of the wind and the rustling of the leave will attract the zombies to the shrine. Well its too late for that, so please leave your thoughts at the door cause its clobbering time.
Saeko is still left in doubt and is motionless, unable to face the reality that Kumoru may never accept her for who she is. The rest is history folks. Please don’t try this at home cause it only happens in anime and manga, that is if you don’t value your life. The way to a girl’s heart is to grab her boobs from behind, allowing the excess mounds to leak through your fingers and accept her by shouting off in a manly way. This of course, reignites Saeko’s blood lust and she lets fly with her new toy, a katana.
And that’s the bottom line. On a parting note, I would just like to state that among all the girls, Saeko is my favorite. Boys just love the bad girls.
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