Its beginning.. AGAIN!!??

Lets see, September, October, November, December , January and now February!!?? I’ve been out of comission this long!!??
Anime Seasons have folded in twice. Its 2011 already for Pete’s sake.
I’m making a comeback and I’m definitely not taking on more than I can handle. And.. and there’s gonna be less pics this time. Sadly pictures just take much time, and I ain’t got THAT much time on my hands. Look out for a new post in a couple of days. I have no idea which anime is gonna pop out here so it’s gonna be a surprise.
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I think trying to comprehensively blog eight Animes is overkill for an individual such as myself. With other real life stuff going on, and trying to keep up with my work out schedule, I find it almost impossible to do it.
I’m not gonna drop any episodes, so I’m gonna condense my writing and insert maybe a couple of pictures max. It aint pretty but at least I put something down cause it just doesn’t feel right if I didn’t.
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Day 25..

It’s caturday. Yeah. By this time next week, everything will be as per normal.
I had porridge and chicken for iftar in the morning.
Maybe I’ll eat a sandwich later. Who knows, Life is so lonely theses days.
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Sekirei Pure Engagement Ep 09

mud wrestling sure does beat the hell out of drawing straws..
At then end of the episode, you would’ve already figured out that the series will definitely deviate from the manga as the confrontation between Uzume and Minato’s Sekirei becomes inevitable. But that’s just part of this week’s story as it also featured one of the many Ashikabi’s who are struggling with the new ruling imposed by MBI CEO-san. Everyone is this world is different, and that goes the same for Ashikabis.

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Day 24..

Yes I’m definitely pissed off with these updates. Thank god there’s only a week left.
I ate rice in the morning coz the body needs it.
It’s gonna porridge, chicken chop and fried bee hoon for iftar.
My life sucks, but I’m getting fitter by the day.
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Day 23..

I’m starting to get really annoyed with these daily updates. So much that I think I’m gonna scrap them from the blog, sometime around Aidilfitri I guess. Then revamp the site into a full Anime/Manga site.
This morning, I had some rice and vegetables. Some fruits and some yoghurt as well.
Come on, Its like 7 more days to go. I’m gonna crack already.
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High School of The Dead Ep 09

What you see above is definitely the talking point of this week’s episode.
I was pretty stumped when I watched the episode because deep in my head, I know that this scene does not come after Takagi’s mum rescues the gang. It’s not made up either cause it definitely does happen later in the series, but not now. Now I want 24 mins of my life back. I’m mad because I felt that this episode was totally unnecessary at this point of time. Maybe the producers wanted to show the viewers a potential love connection or love triangle or love square or love hexagon. Or maybe some individual character fan-service? God, I have no idea what I’m talking about. It definitely would have been better if they just followed the manga.

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Day 22, phew..

The punishment on my body is finally taking its toll. I feel tired and exhausted. Somehow the body is telling me not to workout later. That’s not gonna be an excuse. I’m gonna push and give it my all.
Today’s sahur was normal compared to everyday standards.
A little lontong and lauk here and there. Yoghurt and grains. Kurma.
Need a really good masseuse right now. The back hurts. Help..
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Day 21, son-of-a-gun..

These updates are getting poorer as the month comes to an end. Just over a week left and then that’s it folks. Lets not jump the gun and just keep tabs on the food.
So in the morning mum made nasi goreng surprise. With egg.
Just now for iftar, I had a granola bar. Peanut butter, yum-yum. Ate lontong at home with potatoes and beef, sambal and lauk lemak.
The suckiest thing of the day is that I decided not to work out at all. Sometimes you listen to your body and yet your mind tell you otherwise. This time the body wins. T’was hungry and felt tired so I’ll rest it up for chest exercises tomorrow.
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Mitsudomoe Ep 09

So the picture above basically sums up the entire episode. I’m definitely tempted to throw in some perverted adult humor but I find myself unable to cause their kids for goodness sake. It’s so wrong. But so is Anime these days, so no one’s gonna judge you for it. But still.. Fine I’ll refrain.

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